My review of Nicholas Bella’s Hunted: House of Theoden book 4

Again Nicholas Bella has done us proud. He has written an amazing, incredible and flirtatious book. One you can’t put down. Just some highlights of Hunted: Noel is working on his skills. He’s getting better. Marco explained the rules they have to follow. Dante still being Hunted. Noel has learned how to guard his thoughts so no one can read him anymore except for Théoden of course. Jonah finally got his wish and Théoden Embraced him.Noel found his human to sire. Just happens his human ( Romeo) knows Dante the half breed. Théoden is learning his Grandchildren  have differences from their Fathers. Dragon blood in their veins is diluted, their not as powerful, the sun burns them and they don’t need to feed the same way. And what about Dante? He may have been caught but do we really know for sure? We’ll find out in EVOLUTION: House of Théoden Season Finale. This book is a must read. Again Nicholas has given us suspense, originality and his imagination which just keeps getting better with each book. As usual Nicholas drags you in and holds on to you. He leaves you wanting for more and he always delivers. Magnificent job Nicholas.


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