My Review of Breakdown (Don’t….Book 3) By Jack L. Pyke

Jack has done it again. She has written an amazing, intriguing and brilliant book. Once you pick this book up you won’t want to put it down.

Just some highlights of this wonderful book. This takes place during the missing 5 months of Antidote. Jack thought Gray was behind the making of the DVD’s. He couldn’t think of anyone else that had that much money. he wanted some one to take him to the police station so he could turn Gray in. Jan and Jacks dad told him that they would take him. They got Jack in the car and told him they would have to make a stop at the Master Circle psych unit to pick up his meds first. He would need them for the police review. Once Jack entered the building he wasn’t getting back out for awhile. Of course that didn’t make him happy. Breakdown is about the time Jack is in the psych unit. The things he goes through. There are some funny characters in this book. You got Joe. He is always for his teeth. Even Craig can be at times.

But then you got Martin. Martin only comes out to play when Jack needs to hide.

You learn a lot about Jacks past and what happened to him. You get to understand him a lot better. After 5 months Jack gets out. Jan picks him up. The book repeats the last part of Antidote.

This book is in a series. You really need to read the first two books to be able to understand. There is a fourth book, Gray Matters, that’s not out yet. Can’t wait

Jack L. Pyke is incredibly brilliant and definitely a genius. Her writing is incredible. This book is a must read. Definitely 5 stars.


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